Judy Reynolds White, Elementary


Meet the Teacher

Judy White the elementary resource teacher at Robbins

 My name is Judy White. I am married to Dwayne White with five adult children between us:
Jason, Mary Beth, Brittany, Tyler, & Holly. I love to read, travel, shop, go out on the boat, lay in the sun, play ball with my dog, Buffy, and cook homemade meals.


Educational Philosophy

     I believe it's important to learn something new every day. I believe all students can be successful. Success doesn't always mean straight A's. Common sense is just as important as book sense, and "FAIR" is different for each student. As long as students have a teacher or teachers who believe in them, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.





  • Associates Degree in Contemporary Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Master's Degree + 30 as a Reading Specialist certified in Special Education